Homemade Shampoo To The Test

Homemade Shampoo To The Test
March 4, 2017 2 Comments General Adrienne Doughty

Is Your Shampoo Toxic to Your Health?

By Laughing Gull, Adrienne Doughty, M. A.

Today I read yet another article on the dangerous chemicals in shampoo – chemicals that are hormone disruptors and known carcinogens and chemicals that are camouflaged under “fragrance” on the label (could be one of a thousand man-made chemicals).

Here is a link to an article (Fakkert, 2014) listing many  shampoo chemicals we need to avoid and why. The writer is well versed in healthy alternative subjects and corroborated with a doctor on the article.

This article (Philip, Winthrop, & Smith, 2017) lists 30-50 specific shampoos to avoid and where they are sold; the disturbing thing is that many have names that sound “natural” and some even have essential oils in addition to the chemicals we do not want. For years I have been looking for a shampoo with natural ingredients – things that I can pronounce and know what they are!

Our skin is absorbent and  the water that flows over us as we are rinsing shampoo out of our hair is  absorbed  into our skin on it’s way into the bloodstream. I want to reduce my chemical load!

What’s a girl to do?

I have seen many DIY shampoo recipes over the years and have tried a recipe or two with little or no success – my thin straight hair became limp or did not have any luster to it or my scalp just didn’t feel “clean”.

Today I make my own shampoo! I made a half recipe:

1/3 c. castile soap (Dr. Bonner’s Baby Unscented).

1/2 tsp. olive oil (most folks have this at home) – almond or fractionated coconut oil can also be used.

1/4 c. coconut milk

Now for the fun part – Essential Oils! I added 8 drops each of:

Lavender – smells nice and highly antibacterial and calming to the nervous system.

Tea Tree – highly antibacterial and with Lavender the effect is almost doubled! Excellent cleaning properties.

Rosemary – I love the clean aroma and it is known to be great for hair,  memory and mental clarity.

I put all ingredients in a measuring cup, used my tiny wisk to blend ingredients. It has a very thin consistency! My solution? I put the shampoo liquid in a foaming bottle (the ability to make foam is in the cap!) I use this type of bottle for my Foaming Hand & Body Soap.

Yield: approximately 4 oz.(remember I made 1/2 recipe).

Time to head for the shower to try my shampoo!


  • I love the foam, 5 squirts is enough per application. The foaming action is not high-po or low-po but in the middle. I washed my hair twice. Wonderful.
  • I use an all-natural conditioning product I buy from AdaRios.net with berries. Making my own conditioner is another project for another day.
  • Towel and blow dry – my hair feels like silk and looks shinier, feels light and airy.


This recipe worked very well! My hair feels great and I know that none of what flowed on my skin is toxic in any way to my  body, mind, or spirit. Peace of mind is priceless. This shampoo did not cost more than a couple of dollars worth of ingredients, plus the bottle, which can be reused over and over.

Let me know if you have made your own products! How has it worked out?

Note: You could use almost any essential oils that you like or happen to have at home. I chose Lavender and Tea Tree because I always have them and they have synergy when used together which is why I use them in my Aroma Alchemy Clean & Clear Antibacterial Gel Products. They are also reasonable to buy and easily available. For the third oil I used Rosemary but I also thought about Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, and Pine.

The oils you wish to use are up to you, design your own shampoo!


Fakkert, K. (2014, April 12). Shampoo ingredients you want to avoid. Retrieved March 4, 2017, from Alternative Health, http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/616834-shampoo-ingredients-you-want-to-avoid/ (Fakkert, 2014)

Philip, B., Winthrop, R., & Smith, A. (2017). Center for environmental health releases official list of Shampoos that cause cancer. Retrieved March 4, 2017, from http://awm.com/center-for-environmental-health-releases-official-list-of-shampoos-that-cause-cancer-4/?utm_medium=partners&utm_source=hometips  (Philip, Winthrop, & Smith, 2017)








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    Christine Gentry

    Great post, I’ll have to try this recipe! I like your choice of oils as well-kept the product tests coming!

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      Adrienne Doughty

      Thanks Christine!


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