Welcome to Laughing Gull Energy Healing!

Located in West Hartford, CT, Adrienne Doughty, M.A. of Laughing Gull Energy Healing will help you unlock your inner power to heal yourself, stay healthy and prevent problems with the Healing Angels of Integrated Energy Therapy™ (IET™), the energizing power of Laughter Yoga, healing and home remedies with Medicinal Aromatherapy, and the Universal Life-Force healing of Reiki.

  • Check out Aroma Alchemy personal care products made with the finest essential essences, organic aloe Vera gel, and blessed water. *Note: All products are made in small batches or individually and spiritually blessed before shipping. Special requests and consults are welcome!
  • Experience a “Make Your Own” home (or office) workshop! Learn how easy it is to make your own Antibacterial Hand & Body gels with pure and natural essential oils. Have fun and make a pure and natural product that will last a long time and help to lighten your “chemical load”!

Special orders just for you! Do you have favorite oils? I have found that Sleep Sprays or Roll-on’s are best when made for each person individually. Send me a message and we will discuss your own personal products with your name on the label!

Can we make healthcare more fun? Read my Blog and find tips and interesting articles on self-care, healing and having fun staying healthy!


** Fully Insured**
I do not diagnose or medically treat any disease. I encourage you to consult your doctor if you have a medical condition.